Wire art Angeles Nieto - Beso
Paintings by Spanish visual artist Angeles Nieto

“I create art to feed happiness”

“My artist’s eyes seek the essences, the soul and I think I find them in subtle things that surround us. My hands do what my eyes see. My work says what my mouth conceals and my mind thinks. I hope your skin understands it”

Ángeles Nieto’s art is colorful and vibrant, full of poetry and humor. It resonates with the echoes of her Spanish roots in color use and choice of themes and forms. It is the southern influences of bright light, transparency and the cheerfulness that the sunlight spreads which she interprets with contemplated and exuberant color use. A positive view of reality, she creates a world where people and animals tell their essence. It is her personal vision of life: dream, light, warmth, flying and the universe. Vividness surrounds her work, a quality that she also radiates personally. Picasso, Miró, Barceló, Chagall and Tapies are of great influence in her work. Velazquez, Goya and Vermeer on her photo work.

Spanish visual artist Angeles Nieto - paintings - wire art sculptures

“25 years of communication with images, sharing is the key to happiness”

Ángeles Nieto (born in Madrid) is a Spanish artist who lives and works in The Netherlands. She studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht, her second study after she completed her study Art History at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.

She is a multi-disciplinary artist, uses different techniques and approaches, artist and illustrator. She works on international projects for 25 years and exhibits in galleries and fairs in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. As an illustrator she has worked for clients such as Bijenkorf, NS, Philips, Royal Netherlands Army, KPN, and Dutch Television.

She shares her knowledge as Guest Lecturer at the Academy of visual Arts Maastricht, lecturer at GMI Designschool Amsterdam and in masterclasses creativity, among others for the Technical University in Eindhoven.

Angeles Nieto

“Creativity has no boundaries, nor do the languages of it’s expression. Creativity is freedom”

The central theme in the art of Ángeles Nieto is “life, soul”. She is a multidisciplinary artist, painting, screen printing, sculptures (bronze, wire), photographs, textile art, installations and collages. Her approach has no borders, art and illustrations (animation, food packaging, commercial and editorial illustrations). “Creativity is freedom”.

Angeles Nieto

If you want to see my works, you can contact with me in my studio, or through AquArtisGallery in Amsterdam, also by other galleries in the Netherlands.

“Art makes you happy, so does the work by Ángeles Nieto… warm-blooded, colorful, southern work, paintings full of dreams.”


“Look, but you don’t know what you’re seeing”

Wanda Reiff, (gallery holder , Maastricht) and Willem Jansen (art lover)

Spanish visual artist Angeles Nieto - paintings - wire art sculptures


I share my knowledge and thoughts in my blog, along with photos and images. AngelesEarth is a place in the world, with roots in the South, a piece of land with a heart. A place for inspiration to share small moments of happiness.

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