Through my work I want to communicate, let you enjoy, and if possible give something enriching. I try to add something to your space, personality, magic, soul and emotion.

“The purpose of art is to embody the secret essence of things” Aristotle

Art is for me

* Sincerely

* A personal visual language

* The essence of things

* Fascinating

* Deepening

* Convey feeling

* To communicate

* Show passion, joie de vivre

10 Things that might interest you…

1) I am from here and there. Born in Madrid, Spain, and have lived in the Netherlands for more than half of my life. Divided my heart. I am from the south and north, from the city and also from the countryside. I like contrasts.

2) I always wanted to create. In Spain I did not dare to do that and I studied Art History at the Complutense University of Madrid . When I came to the Netherlands I knew it was now or never and I did Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht, which was fantastic.

3) Independent and disciplined are my qualities. With passion for life as if I were an adolescent, and with the idea that this adventure has just begun. “It takes time to get young,” said Picasso.

4) 30 years ago I finished my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht and since then I have been “dedicated” to creating. I have worked with passionate people on many projects.

“In the year of her graduation, Angeles was nominated for the Academy Award. A year later, in 1994, she was named “Talent of the Year” in Amsterdam. In Pulchri Studio in The Hague she received the honorary prize of the “Javanese Boys Graphics Prize”. This was followed by beautiful publications in leading magazines such as “Art View” and “Blad”.”

5) For 10 years I worked as a graphic and illustrative designer for, among others, the Bijenkorf, KPN, the Dutch Railway and Dutch television. At the moment I am also working on illustration projects again.

6) Always I have paid a lot of attention to my autonomous work. I have exhibited in Germany, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands. My work has been purchased by collections in the Netherlands and abroad. For 14 years I designed the annual artwork (business gift for international customers) for Philips Lighting.

“Over the past 25 years, Angeles has frequently produced graphic print runs for Philips, Eindhoven; ABP, Heerlen; BuhrmannUbbens Zutphen; Red Cross, Amsterdam; Imtech, Amersfoort. In 2015 January-February she designed a special graphic for the organization Trollkohnskoppel from Kiesby (Germany) in response to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris.”

7) My life takes place between Madrid, Amsterdam and Thorn. Alternately I stay in Amsterdam and Thorn. From urban to rural and from rural to urban.

8) Bringing art to the people, showing its great value is very important to me. I started my blog AngelesEarth in June 2014 to discuss the creative, art and illustration. For example, you can find art techniques, art history, also articles about my own work. The creative is a way of seeing, being and knowing. I hope to create here an “Earth” space with roots in the South, a place for inspiration and feeling.

9) My dream, flying.

10) Sharing is the key to happiness. I’m sure of it. When we all do our part… we change the world.

Why I do what I do?

Creating is my passion, my life. I discover and accentuate the living, enlarge and deepen it. It’s a game, enjoy. I can share, it is communication between you and me. And by the way, I believe in dreams.

My philosophy

“We are dust (matter) of the stars”. “That is the basic idea of ​​my work. Our body is made of the same matter, so is our spiritual life. We are part of the universe together, we are also stars. The stars (celestial bodies), the dream world, or being able to fly as an expression of freedom often come back in my images”.

“As big and so small, as small as one of the million lights in the universe, far in the dark blue sky, as big as the nearest sun, universe and individual. We have life, we give warmth. Everything moves, our heart beats, our blood flows, we breathe, the earth makes circles, it is light and dark, comes the sun, comes the moon. A journey in search of yourself, a journey to explore the world, and as the ultimate form of moving, flying, free of all boundaries and limits. (Freedom).

And at night when the stars show themselves, dreams like in hibernation (a night’s sleep), make new energy, revive experiences from one’s own body, back to the stars, back to ourselves.”


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